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Host: Neowrk

November 12th - 09h00 am - Free Session

The session will be held in portuguese

Round Table: What have we learned about the return to the corporate office?

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About the session:

Real Estate and Facilities managers have had hazy perspectives on the return to corporate office spaces since the beginning of the year. With time passing on and new discoveries regarding the pandemic, the disease and the way our minds work being presented daily, we can only be certain that we will never know it all. This roundtable session has the goal of sharing what we have experienced in the past months and create a future perspective of next steps and upcoming changes in employee experience these changes will bring.

Join Flavio Pimentel, Neowrk executive and Head of Smart Workplace Solutions at CI&T, and guests as they share experiences and establish a point of view of next steps and alerts to be taken into consideration in the upcoming months.

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